September Makerspace-Can It Float?
September Makerspace-Can It Float?
Posted on 09/22/2017

This September, students have been testing properties of matter.  In our monthly Makerspace activity, Mrs. Helton read "Journey" or "Toy Boat" to classes.  Then student teams were challenged to create their own toy boat made from Legos.  They tested their boats to see if they would float or sink.  Students in upper grades also had to add extra weights to their boats.  

Ask your student if the boat was less dense or more dense (sink/float) than water.  How would they make their boat better in the future?  You can also extend the activity by allowing students to test other objects in water to see if they sink or float.

For more great math and science activities and ideas, join us on October 12 at 5:30 pm for our Family STEM Night. 

See pictures from our Makerspace activity HERE.