What Can You Do With A Mistake?
What Can You Do With A Mistake?
Posted on 08/24/2017
What do you do with a mistake?  This is the theme of our August Makerspace activity.  Mrs. Helton, our assistant principal, has been visiting classes every day to spread the word!  

Students have been listening to the story, "The Book of Mistakes," about a girl that makes a lot of mistakes drawing.  But throughout the story, she is able to use the mistake to make her artwork even more amazing.

After reading the book aloud, Mrs. Helton shared some of her mistakes with the class (ask about her summer sewing project).  Then, each student was given a piece of paper with a "mistake" drawn on it.  The challenge for students was to create a drawing using that mistake.  
The artwork that students have been creating is amazing!  You can see the work displayed in the office and throughout the school.  Make sure to visit on Tuesday, September 12 at 5:30 at our Open House to see all the creativity!

While you're waiting, check out our photo gallery HERE with pictures from the classroom visits!